It has been suggested that Stonehenge may have been an ancient healing site, and that the magical qualities of the stone transformed Stonehenge into a place of pilgrimage for the sick and dying during the Neolithic period.

Preseli Bluestone is said to have many varying healing properties. Below is but a few of the properties claimed

Preseli Bluestone is said to have a strong connection to the bodies electrical pulses and in particular a connection to the heart. This connection is said to clear, balance and strengthen the heart centre and improve the immune system. 

It is said to tap into the Earths energy pathways of our planet, and will help you become more grounded. This energy may boost your spiritual power, and is recommended for personal growth.

Preseli Bluestone embodies an ancient vibration and can assist you to get in touch, through dreaming, with the energy of past ancestral lives in Celtic Britain. In dreaming, it can assist in the unravelling of emotional problems, and  adheres our thoughts. This protective stone brings will power, and the courage to speak the truth.

Preseli Bluestone is said to clear the throat Chakra, aiding communication as well as assisting the bodies regulatory process.

Personally, I believe that the stone is without doubt a magical stone, and for me it radiates a feeling of strength, calmness and presence.